What to do with my sense of guilt? – theory and case study

Online group coaching

I fled from my country from the horrors of war. Does this decision of mine betray those who stayed at home, whom I left to their fate: people from my family, my friends, my compatriots fighting in the front lines? Am I guilty for what I have done? What to do with my sense of guilt? How can I continue my life after all this?

Definition and the physical, psychological signs of sense of guilt and shame. What is the potential of cognitive behavioral therapy? Case study within small-group worshop. How can I support myself and others? What resources can I rely on? Identifying personal key take-aways.

2 x 1,5 hours with one break

participants: 7-12 pp

English or Hungarian

12 April 2022, Tuesday 4 – 7.15 PM

Trainer: Dóra Örlősy